This is the KIOSK just around the corner,which is great when i dont want to go farther than 100 meters to buy something missing,or a few beer.I often just leave my house slippers on !


this shopping mall was built a few years ago,called WEZ , has a large shopping outlet called KAUFLAND;some restaurants,two cheapo stores,TEDI +KIK; a pet supplies store FUTTERNAPF;an ALDI MARKET and a DÄNISCHES BETTENLAGER store,also a DM drugstore and an Arcade type place . Its about 10 minutes away by bike,unfortunately over a few main intersections to get to the Born str site.






the smaller HORNBACH ZENTRUM has a building supplies outlet(Hornbach), a LIDL,a REWE,and a pet store called WELKES where i sell my mice.There is also a multi purpose place called TEDOX which sells almost anything,mostly household stuff. This small center is often visited by BUS TOURS from the UKRAINE or POLAND.This is the north entrance from BORN str.




About 800m down Robert street we have the HOESCH PARK with a baseball field (local team are called THE WANDERERS) two ash surface football fields and a larger field with an artificia track,a weekend disco place called BAMBl and recently added, a fish pond in the woods full of thousands of goldfish!! There is also a large playground for kids.

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